women in architecture

Looking for participants – PhD Research Project

Hi all,

I’m about to start the second part of my fieldwork and I’m extremely excited. The experience in Italy has been remarkably valuable, women’s experiences and insights opened so many paths that I’m now eager to follow further with my research.

This time, I’m looking for participants in the UK. A suitable participant would be a British woman connected with architecture. If you’re a student, an academic, an architect with 0 to 100 years experience, retired, or just someone so bored or dissatisfied by the profession that you left it for another working experience, I need your collaboration and your help.

If you have 30-45 minutes to spare for a quick chat, please email me to:

M.D-Avolio@sussex.ac.uk, and I will send you more info. Then, if you’re happy to participate in the study, I’ll try my best to come to meet you, otherwise we can arrange a Skype interview.

Here is a quick sum up of who I am, and what my research is about.

I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex (Department of Sociology), and I am carrying out a study about women in architecture. I obtained my MA in Architecture from the University of Florence in 2011 and then, after my personal experience as an architect, I started to be interested in the topic of the uneven presence of women in the field. 

The aim of my study is to understand two key elements:

  •      The profession itself – what are the key features of architecture as both profession and discipline in the UK and in Italy?
  •      Women in architecture – how do women choose to enter architecture and what experiences do they have in professional training and work? And what leads women to leave architecture?

The study will offer an analysis of original empirical material comprised of accounts by women in the field, sought through individual interviews and focus groups. I am looking for participants in the field of architecture (either students, academics, someone currently employed or self-employed as an architect, or who have left the profession) to be part of my study. I will conduct a single interview that will last 30 to 45 minutes and will focus on topics about education in architecture schools and working experiences in the construction industry.

I look forward to meeting many of you out there, and hear your voices.

Thank you,



PS. I particularly need to meet someone that is not currently employed in architecture (as commonly intended) after studying architecture at any level. So, if you’re one of them or you know one, please get in touch. Thanks!



Cover image: Photograph of C.W.A. Scott holing binoculars, from Wikimedia Commons.


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