About me:

I am an architect at the beginning of her 30s and a doctoral researcher with an academic interest in sociology and gender studies. I obtained my MA in Architecture from the University of Florence (Italy), and my MSc in Social Research Methods from the University of Sussex (UK).

I am currently living in Brighton, and I am carrying out a PhD in Sociology (Centre for Gender Studies) at the University of Sussex on the gendered aspects of the profession of architecture, and their implications on women in the field.


About my research:

The study I am carrying out is a comparison of the profession of architecture in two European countries – Italy and the UK – with a focus on gender disparities within the industry. The research aims to understand two key elements:

  • The profession itself – what are the key features of architecture as both profession and discipline in the UK and in Italy?
  • Women in architecture – how do women choose to enter architecture and what experiences do they have in professional training and work? And what leads women to leave architecture?

The study will offer an analysis of original empirical material comprised of accounts by women in the field, sought through individual interviews and focus groups.

I am interested in: gender, professions, feminism, Marxist feminism, sociology of the workplace, gender performativity in the workplace, organisational behaviour and habitus, cultural capital, class and education, women in STEM sectors, the role of the care during a woman’s lifetime, paid and unpaid work, and others.


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