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Confidence – it’s a trap!

(Segue testo in italiano) Confidence – I’ve encountered this term many times during my research. It popped out indifferently from academic texts, online articles and during various events focussed on the gender imbalance in many fields. At first I had a mainstream reaction, such as “YES! Women need to be more assertive, ask for more,… Continue reading Confidence – it’s a trap!

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Profit Vs. Social Interest

In the past few months I decided to go back to the amusing activity of reading novels, trying not to feel guilty about engaging with words which are not strictly academic. With my immense surprise I noticed that my research was following me anyway, through books that I didn’t even personally chose but have been… Continue reading Profit Vs. Social Interest

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Architetta o architetto?

(English version follows) Ok, mi preparo a scendere su questo campo minato: architetta o architetto? So che molti hanno un’opinione diversa dalla mia in merito, però anche io, come voi, un tempo ero contraria a questa forma di differenziazione, pensavo “Ma come? Vogliamo l’uguaglianza e creiamo linguisticamente una differenza?”. Ma leggerne e discuterne (beh, non… Continue reading Architetta o architetto?

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Diversity is not synonymous with architecture

Today I was tidying up my collection of the Architect’s Journal and I ended up reading again the special issue about the 100 largest architectural practices in the UK. Different factors for each practice are evaluated in the AJ annual analysis, such as the number of commissions during the year, the total income, the number… Continue reading Diversity is not synonymous with architecture